EST. 1908

Dawson's was established in Dixon in 1908 and was originally a cigar store where spirits flowed and a serious game of pinochle was waged. First opened by the Dawson Brothers, changing ownership several times until long-time locals Greg and Jill Orr saved the establishment from closing its doors for good.

old pic.jpg

In December 2017, Dawson's doors opened once more for locals and travelers alike. The historical restaurant was renewed with a few modern touches, creating a trendy and comfortable ambiance and rustic vibe. Dawson's has an amazing menu and bar selection, offering the largest selection of beer on tap in Dixon. All of these elements combined make Dawson's the place where good friends meet to eat and drink

Meet Jill

Born and raised in Dixon, Jill is 4th generation and believes that preserving history is an  important asset to any community. Seeing Dawsons as iconic it was with that goal to save it. With the previous owners closing its doors in January 2017 it sat empty for almost a year until November when Jill and her husband Greg purchased it. Having little time to get it ready, family and friends put the pedal to the metal and it opened five weeks later on December 21, 2017.  Jill and Greg continue to work towards a Resturant that provides excellent customer service and a menu that will keep your taste buds coming back. Life is good, Join us!